MN Sheriffs’ Association Tweets Out Hilarious Video From Storm

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 4.21.17 PM
Credit: @mnsherriffs/Twitter

It’s nice to see even when people are miserable from this snow storm that law enforcement can still have a little fun with the situation.

Original from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page:[0]=68.ARACMWOBZaJ__Iz7HJxbENUwEBVW_6ACHGpPqkqrIkqKxt82cKepSQlDjHaExLi16khg_pbarkAX0zNPD0kq7BZQ8Qf1U4c-aS9xdrSyO6xrDMwRqPblYwmxP6qpr009YMFn1pb1mN0T2Nj6K0S_Mhodyy3RQ6oasgbMXRKvfuzC8dyuhOSpx1dhuV2G0xowWPCzRFNZfk9LUpZqoRBlrl9Fnu7AmjWeJtMUyQ-hYtfceQst30SN7BcbTY9PoVtyFuRYoAAzqRXjOnLuWbijCiQ3_2oet1ypHRjqT9-xNS3oKiTwJWWkivgVeY-9FIRcdWo6jEHkuSjncMPblttE1ySmfJUXacdRUPn-Gxs5&__tn__=-R

The best part about this is the tweet saying that they will leave the officer anonymous. That officer would never hear the end of it if his name was out in the open.

Hopefully everyone is driving safe with this weather. As you can see from this video, the roads can be extremely dangerous out there. Be safe.