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Music notes: Michael Bublé, Paula Abdul, Wham!, Jennifer Lopez, Lewis Capaldi, Madonna and more

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Michael Bublé‘s 2011 Christmas album is #1 in Germany and the United Kingdom — on top of his album Higher hitting #1 earlier in 2022. He took to TikTok to say he “basically cried” after getting two #1 albums in the same year.

Wham!‘s “Last Christmas” is again the U.K.’s #1 song, reports Billboard. The song finally hit #1 in 2021, 36 years after it was released.

Paula Abdul pulled a fast one on TikTok by pretending she can spin a basketball on a finger. She revealed influencer Crissa Jackson, who was hiding behind her, was actually performing the stunt. 

Jennifer Lopez shared her favorite moments of 2022 on Instagram — including some never-before-seen looks at her engagement ring and wedding to Ben Affleck.

Lewis Capaldi had a fantastic response to a fan who said their father mistook him for Susan Boyle. He joked, “i dreamed a dream that ppl stopped telling me i looked like women in their 60s.”

Lewis also released a clip of a never-before-heard demo and joked his label will be fine with the leak. The singer hinted he’ll be sharing more demos “that will probably never see the light of day.”

Madonna revealed she visited Kibera, Kenya, with her children, and they created a mural of broken glass to honor entrepreneur Kennedy Odede and Shining Hope for Communities, the organization he launched to help young girls in his community.

Meghan Trainor is unhappy that a TikTok filter didn’t predict she’ll get pregnant in 2023. She shot the video with husband Daryl Sabara, who teased her for not getting her desired answer.

Kelly Clarkson stripped down Katy Perry‘s “The One That Got Away” for her daytime talk show, turning it into an acoustic heartbreak anthem.

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