Ken & Tess

My Christmas Wish List

barry stocking

I wish someone would stuff my Christmas stocking with the following goodies.

A few of those miniature Reese’s peanut butter cups would do nicely.

Perhaps you would be willing to fill my festive footwear with those soft and chewy cookies with the chocolate star on top.

I could also use some “chill pills”.  Yes, a portion of patience would be just the thing.

I’d like enough patience to enable me to understand that not everyday will be a perfect day.  Just enough patience to realize that sometimes “rolling with it” is much easier than trying to “plow through it”.  A dose of patience sufficient to slow me down long enough to realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by loving people that are willing to put up with me…..even when I’m being impatient.

That’s my list.

I can’t wait until Christmas.  Patience my boy, patience.