Ken & Tess

My Dad Took Me Out To The Ballgame


I’ll always remember the day that dad took me out to Metropolitan Stadium to see my first Twins game. It was 1967.

In my young eyes, it was all a wonder and it left me wondering. 

“Hey dad, how do they make those stripes in the outfield grass?”

Hey dad, why are those guys with the hoses spraying water on the infield dirt?” 

“Hey dad, where do Herb Carneal and Halsey Hall sit when they’re on the radio?”

“Hey dad, how many people can sit in this place?”

And most importantly…………..“Hey dad, where’s number 6………Where’s Tony?”

Dad assured me that I would see him soon.

Finally, Bob Casey barked out……..”Ladies and gentlemen, your Minnesota Twins”, and there he was.  Number 6…..Tony O was right there, trotting out to right field…and I was there and I could see him.

Tony–the only guy to win the batting title in his first two major league seasons.  Tony–the one with the natural swing.  Tony–who made a living lashing line drives into the gap.

The Twins, with Killebrew and Allison could slug with the best of em. And, how about that rookie at second base? Carew looks like a sure thing. But, in my eyes, Tony was the man.   

“Hey dad, how many hits do you think Tony will get today?” 

“Hey dad, Tony’s up next.”

51 seasons have passed by since then but I’ll never forget that first game. It was the day I first saw Tony play.


This month, our Twins show up in Florida to begin loosening up in preparation for a brand new season.  And then it will be spring when hope springs eternal .