Ken & Tess

My Mom Told Me So

Photo by Mike from Pexels

My mother told me that life would go flyin’ by once my Hannah Louise was born.  Mom had lived it, and she was right. I think most parents would agree that life goes by much faster once the children arrive.

We turn around, and they’re walking and talking. I turned around, and she was tap dancing and playin’ ball. Just like that, she was off on her own.

Hannah hasn’t aged me per se.  The worry lines I’ve accrued on my face are more the result of my own occasional failure to deal effectively with normal everyday parental anxiety then they are a by-product of anything my kid ever did to give me cause for concern. She was a good girl and she’s grown into the kind of young woman that any father would be proud of.

It just seems that so much has past, and so very fast. I had been manning a post on WJJY for six years when Hannah arrived in our world.  Twenty-nine years later, I’m still here and she’s off earning a living as a sales rep for Johnson Brothers out of St Paul.

She’s a bright and shining point of light in my life. But, I’m still left wondering……where has all the time gone?

I’ve included two pictures. One of my six year little girl who’s ready to tap dance her little heart out.  The second, of the beautiful young woman who still calls me……………………………………………Pops.