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Nick Jonas thinks it’s “flattering” that people make love to his music

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Anthony Mandler

Spaceman, the new Nick Jonas solo album, includes a number of songs about sex.  And while Nick says he’s happy if people use his music as the soundtrack to their romantic moments, he doesn’t want it playing during his own personal sexytime.

While chatting with British GQ, Nick was asked if he’s aware that people include his music on their lovemaking playlists. He replies, “I am and I think it’s flattering. It’s important to have a good playlist and I certainly have mine.”

“I wouldn’t include my own music on that playlist, though,” he clarifies. “But I would be thrilled if someone used my music on theirs for that experience.”

Asked how he feels about being considered a sex symbol, Nick says, “Er, I think it’s flattering, but attraction is such a nuanced thing. I don’t take it too seriously.”

“I just learn to laugh about it and think about the fact that my parents are probably reading some of the comments,” he adds. “It’s not something I wear as a badge of honor. I tend to try to not think about it, because it would make me feel a little embarrassed.”

Nick will host the 2021 Billboard Music Awards on May 23.  He tells GQ, “It’s nice that it’s starting to feel like life is getting back to a version of normal now.”

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