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Oscar Mayer Hiring 12 Hotdoggers To Drive Weinermobile

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As we get into the new year, many people contemplate switching jobs.  Some students look forward to coming home from college for the summer and finding a fun job.  Well, I found one that might be perfect for you… or maybe not.

How does getting paid to travel the country in a hot dog on wheels?   24/7 News says that’s basically the job posting from Oscar Mayer.  The company is looking to hire this year’s class of Hotdoggers to drive the famous 27-foot Weinermobile across the country.  You’ll get paid to do meet-and-greets at events and charities as well as appear on tv and radio.  The job starts in June but resumes must be in by January 31st, 2020.  Visit for more information!

I have been in the Weinermobile and it’s quite cozy.  Either way, happy job hunting in the new year!