Brainerd Area News

Our Street is Complete. How About Yours?


The reconstruct of Memorywood Drive in west Baxter was completed as October came rolling in.  Those of who live on Memorywood have been rolling smoothly down our new stretch of road.

Thanks crew.

The project commenced as April arrived and was subject to the always expected, unexpected delays.  Mother nature served up more than a few rainy days. Yes, we are coming to the end of another Minnesota road construction season. And it comes to an end just in time for that annual bout with slick and slushy roads which we know as winter.

Most of us drove those extra detour miles no matter which direction we chose this summer.  The Minnesota Department Of Transportation worked on 221 separate projects this season including those 14 miles of 210 between Brainerd and Ironton. They’ll have plenty more come Spring. Oh boy!!

It’s the price we pay for living and driving in a climate that dictates that no more than half the year can be dedicated to getting this work done.

Our street is complete and ready for the snowplows.