Parents Warned About Another “Challenge” On Social Media

I can’t believe I am even reading about this challenge.  It makes me so sad and rather sickened that kids feel the need to do this, for what I assume is attention.

The “48 Hour Missing Challenge” as explained by the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association:

48 Hours Missing Challenge:Just like the Tide Pod and Bird Box challenges, another dangerous social media challenge…

Posted by Minnesota Sheriffs' Association on Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Parents… be aware…. and kids, realize that if YOU REALLY DO GO MISSING…or a friend or a sibling REALLY GOES MISSING, by doing this or instigating it with others, you are harming yourself or those you love with this “cry wolf” stunt.  Knock of the challenges like this… instead, challenge yourself and friends to do GOOD things.  Help others.  Get the most volunteer hours.  Something that is GOOD.