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Pink says learning how to make music at home during the pandemic was “empowering and liberating” for her

Andrew MacPherson

Pink has accomplished many things in her amazing career, but one thing she’d never learned was the technical part of making music. However, when the pandemic came along, Pink had to learn quickly, and now she says, “It was a huge accomplishment.”

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal Magazine, Pink says, “I learned how to use GarageBand and record myself. For a 40-year-old girl to learn how to be alone for the first time in her life…it was a huge accomplishment for me, because I’m usually at the whim of engineers and producers.”

Pink then ticked off the songs she recorded and released while in lockdown: Her duet with her daughter Willow, “Cover Me In Sunshine;” her duet with Keith Urban, “One Too Many,” and her duet with the British singer Rag’n’Bone Man, “Anywhere Away from Here.”

“To be able to do it on my own…it just felt so empowering and liberating,” she gushes.

Pink also detailed her morning routine for the WSJ Magazine, which involves coffee, getting her two kids up and ready for school, and then working out.

“I go hard,” she reveals. “I do either full body circuit, cardio, or I’ll do Peloton, or I’ll do tread and shred, which is a 5K [run] mixed in with arm workouts while walking on an incline at 10.”

She adds, “I do all kinds of things, but I have a trainer…and we Zoom together and we just try to kill each other.” Pink says it was her trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, who taught her how to sing while doing acrobatics during her concerts by dropping “a 10-lb medicine ball on my stomach.”

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