Ken & Tess

Pizza Fun With Kids On Halloween


Knowing my daughter was going to have a play date with a little girl from her school the other day… and I KNEW the two were going to ask for pizza for dinner.

I thought I’d try to be a fun, cool mom and  I picked up a pizza from Papa Murphy’s, specifically The Jack-O-Pizza!  Yes, the pizza they shape and design to look like a Halloween Jack-O-Lantern.  “CUTE,” I thought, so went to get it!

You can see in the attached photos the progression of me attempting to be cool.  When I took the pizza from its wrapper, it did not appear to look like a Jack-O-Lantern, except for its “stem” dent on the top.  And all the pepperoni was buried under the cheese, so I adjusted that before baking (sorry the pic is upside down).  Popped it in the oven, baked it and it tuned out quite cute!  At least the girls were impressed!  You can always count on these pizzas to taste delicious, and it was!  The girls gobbled it ALL UP (okay, “cool” mom had a piece, too).

The attached website will show you what it is advertised to look like if you want to order it and want to be a “cool mom (or dad)” too!  Fun with food!  Happy Halloween!