Lakes, Woods, & Irons

Are you a golf enthusiast looking for your next source of inspiration and entertainment? Look no further than the ‘Lakes, Woods & Irons’ Podcast. This Podcast will bring you in-depth interviews with golfing legends from across the region, country, and beyond. With a focus on the beautiful courses nestled in the lakes and woods of Minnesota, this podcast will take you on a tour of some of the most breathtaking golfing destinations in Northern Minnesota. Join host Colin MacDonald as he talks all things golf with Chris Foley, one of Minnesota’s most respected golf instructors, and get ready to tee off on a new adventure every week.

Latest Episodes

Ryan O’Keefe of Fullswing.com

This week on Lakes Woods & Irons Mac and Chris Foley are joined by Ryan O’Keefe of Fullswing.com discussing the Kit Launch Monitor.