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This Professor Has Made A Cheat Sheet Of Current Slang Terms And It’s Hilarious


Slang terms come and go quickly, so luckily one professor has made it his duty to keep up with the language of his students and help everyone out with understanding.

As a Millennial who has been out of college for a couple of years now, these terms make me realize how quickly slang changes. I would have no clue what over half of these things are without this cheat sheet (although I admit I sound cringey when I do use the term “slaps” when it refers to a song I really like). 

Some of my favorite new terms now are:

  • Secured the Bag (Money received)
  • Smacks (A tasty treat)
  • Bread (Future money)
  • Take the L (Willingly making a sacrifice)
  • Low key (Not obvious)