Ken & Tess

Proud Mama Moment


With a morning job such as mine, where I get up at 3:15 a.m. and leave for work around 4:15 a.m., I am not home when my 6-year old gets up in the morning to go to day care (assisted by my husband, of course).  I used to – the night before – pick out her outfit for the next day, but gave that up during Kindergarten when I could tell she was making, what mommy considered, pretty good choices on her own and wasn’t coming home looking like Punky Brewster (Google her).

I always, though, pack her lunch the night before – a peanut butter/pickle sandwich, fruit, a juice box and a sweet treat – but I always keep her chips out so they don’t get nasty in the fridge overnight.  I leave the chips for her on our stove for her to add in the morning.   I usually write a little note on her chips, on a post-it, or put a little cute sticker in her lunch bag so she knows I am thinking about her.

One particular morning, instead of leaving just one bag of chips for her, I left a few bags on the stove…you know, to give her a choice of what she’d like that day.  I left a note telling her she could only take one – she’s just learning to read, so I left her a longer-than-usual note, but I knew she would figure it out (or dad would help her).

To my grammar-police delight, when I returned home that afternoon, my daughter had left ME a note on my note… and I was BEYOND happy that this little girl used the correct “too” with TWO Os to tell me she love me TOO.  I  teared up a little when I saw her sweet words did a little happy dance… and even though she MAY have had some help with spelling, at least I know daddy was on top of it, TOO!!  Sweet little victories… we mommies have to take them – and enjoy them – whenever we get a chance!  You can bet I made a big deal of it when she got home that day!  Soon, my little one will earn her grammar-police badge!  I’ll make sure of it!