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Rachel Platten opens up about her “incredibly painful” battle with postpartum depression

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 “Fight Song” singer Rachel Platten admits she struggled with her mental health after giving birth to her baby daughter, Sophie Jo.

“I feel so proud of myself, I got through an incredibly painful battle with my mental health, long days that felt impossible and tears that wouldn’t stop coming and nights that felt never ending when my poor scared body wouldn’t let me sleep,” Rachel said in an Instagram post celebrating her baby turning six months old. 

Rachel continued, “I tried every tool possible, even ones i was previously scared of, and finally now I’m feeling consistent joy, ease, power and real hope again. Actually [screw] that it’s not even hope, it’s bigger. It’s a KNOWING.”

“I know my strength. I know my worth. I know who I am and i love myself,” Rachel explained, saying her new source of self comes from knowing her self-worth. “I love this human life underneath all of those labels. i know all my insecurities and weaknesses and all my glorious sunny parts too and i welcome them all,” she declared.

Rachel dubbed this gift her “true power” and called upon her fans who may be in her shoes.  “I’m here as an example that you can do this. You can be your own hero and you can learn to love all of you and i believe in you,” she encouraged.

She also passed along the lesson her aunt gave her, which was, “No one is going to come save you. Be your own hero. Do one brave thing today. Do one more tomorrow. Win the day. You can do this.”

Rachel closed her inspirational post with, “You can do this. Win the day.  I love you all.”

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