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Sara Bareilles and Josh Groban celebrate 15th anniversary of Colbert’s Americone Dream

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

Stephen Colbert‘s Americone Dream, his exclusive flavor from Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, just turned 15, and who better to celebrate the major milestone than Sara Bareilles and Josh Groban?

The duo launched into a hilarious and over-the-top tribute of Colbert’s concoction by highlighting the major moments in history that’ve taken place since the world was first introduced to the beloved ice cream flavor.

The four-minute song, which Josh sang as he played on a white grand piano dusted with rose petals, features notable lyrics such as “Scoops of smiles, and scoops of tears/ Your sweet and chunky mixture made my heart explode/ A dream I’ve had for 15 years/ From when Dubya was in office, to Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s b***s/ From the moment you were churned/ You’ve been there through it alls.”

Sara assisted, singing, “From the first black president to his best friend Joe/ From Brett Farve’s [junk] to Aaron Rodgers’ COVID toe.”

The two also saluted the arrival of 3-D printing, meatless burgers, fidget spinners, selfie sticks and more. They also serenaded a giant pint of Americone Dream that was dancing around the stage.

Colbert reminded the audience that all proceeds from sales of his ice cream flavor benefit numerous charities. In the 15 years since Americone Dream first hit the shelves, $4,258,500 has been donated to various organizations from its sales.

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