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Sara Bareilles stresses the importance of reading books about LGBTQ+ community and anti-racism

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Sara Bareilles is not a fan of banning books and hopes these efforts fail in stopping people from learning about the LGBTQ+ community and anti-racism.

Speaking with Lost Coast Outpost, the singer opened up about her partnership with the Humboldt Literacy Project, which aims to promote literacy in her hometown of Eureka, California. Sara also urged the nonprofit to include books that addressed anti-racism and celebrated the LGBTQ+ community.

She explained why it’s important for people to be exposed to such topics. “It is essential. This is just trying to make sure that the information is diversified and inclusive and equitable,” she expressed.

Sarah continued, “To me that’s just like a no brainer. This is the information that is out there in the world, and we should trust our readers to be discerning and make choices for themselves.”

On the topic of banning books, the singer made it clear that she views this practice as harmful. “For me it’s not an option to be erasing or limiting what you have access to. I think that’s small minded, which we all know I’m not into,” Sara said and added, “I feel like we can trust people to make choices for themselves, and I think it’s essential. It’s just truth telling as far as I’m concerned.”

Sara has donated 5,000 books to the Humboldt Literacy Project so far. The organization estimates that 13,800 adults within Humboldt County read below a fifth grade level, so its initiative focuses on raising the literacy rate for those aged 18 and older.

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