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Saturday Was A Grand Day At The Knotty Pine Bakery


Folks were lined up out the door when we arrived at The Knotty Pine Bakery for their Grand Opening this past Saturday.

We ran into some familiar faces and before long, we were at the counter.  We ordered up a couple of “moon pies” together with some cherry pie and a couple of tartlets.  It was all too good!

We just want you to know that “Grandma Joy’s granddaughter, Marie Kirsch, has done herself proud.  Marie’s dream of opening up a downtown bakery that specializes in pies, breads and pastries prepared with locally sourced ingredients has come to fruition.  Congratulations, Marie!

Marie was named the winner of the Destination Downtown Business Challenge last November and one year later those fresh baked smells are just beginning to emanate up and down Laurel Street.

Knotty Pine’s theme is “Handmade From The Heart”.  Yes, it tastes that good.

Give it a try.