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Searching For Happiness…

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Wednesday March 20th was not only the beginning of Spring, it was also International Happiness Day.

Proposed by prominent United Nations special advisor Jayme Illien in 2011, it was approved in 2012, and the first International Happiness Day was observed on March 20, 2013. I googled “ways to be happy” just to see what I might find, because it seemed to me that happiness was hard to measure, and probably different for every individual. I was surprised to see how many think tanks and groups have delved into this subject, from doctors and scientists, to artists and ordinary people. I did find there is a common thread in all the ideas on how to be happy. Here they are:

  1. Connect with others. Developing relationships with family, friends, colleagues and neighbors will enrich your life and bring you support.
  2. Be active. Sports, hobbies such as gardening or dancing, or just a daily walk will make you feel good and maintain mobility and fitness.
  3. Be curious. Notice the beauty of everyday moments as well as your surroundings.
  4. Learn an instrument, cook, garden, do something mechanical. The challenge and satisfaction brings fun and confidence.
  5. Helping friends and strangers links your happiness to a wider community and it is very rewarding.

Those were the main ideas in many of the posts on happiness. I might add one more…turn off the TV and put down the cellphone.

With spring here, and warmer weather ahead, it’s easy to find a little happiness today. I hope you will find even more happiness in your life! By the way, I’ve always been good at number 3 on the above list. Here’s a picture I took while ice fishing this year. Enjoy.