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Shay Mitchell talks Mother’s Day plans and the special bond between her daughter and grandmother

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Shay Mitchell is gearing up to spend her second Mother’s Day with 18-month-old daughter Atlas, but she wants to make sure other moms feel the love this weekend, too.

The Pretty Little Liars actress is taking part in Pampers’ #MillionActsofLove campaign, which aims to uplift parents who’ve been feeling burned out during this ongoing pandemic. And for Mitchell, it’s the little moments that can really make a difference this Mother’s Day.

“By sharing a small personal act of love, it can actually really go a long way and that could be anything from yes, a breakfast in bed is always lovely, but writing a nice note, sending her out for the afternoon by herself or just even staying in touch, which is what we do a lot of over here,” the 34-year-old tells ABC Audio. “My mom, my grandma live in Vancouver. So we’re constantly on a FaceTime with them, which is really nice.”

One of the greatest gifts Mitchell has experienced since becoming a mom has been seeing the bond between Atlas and her great-grandmother — or Gram, as she’s known to fans of Shay’s social media accounts. Mitchell says she believes Atlas and Gram must have met in another life.

“Even when Atlas was a baby, she gravitated towards my grandma differently than she did with anybody else,” she says. “…It’s crazy. I mean, I’m like, I see them and it brings tears to my eyes automatically because Atlas just goes to her.”

As for how she’s planning to spend her own Mother’s Day, Mitchell just wants “quality time” with Atlas and her partner Matte Babel.

“I’m not a gift person, I don’t really care about gifts so much — I think it’s more like, no phones,” she says.

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