Slow Moving Thundershowers Through Brainerd/Baxter


While the remnants of tropical depression Cristobal were pouring up into Wisconsin on Tuesday evening, thundershowers formed here at home and brought some very heavy rain through portions of Cass and Crow Wing County.

It was nature’s very wet way of introducing the cooler days which will predominate as we roll toward the middle of June.

These types of thundershowers are rarely destructive.  However, when these rain cells move slowly enough (“the slower they go, the more they po”)  and when they form a cluster which brings a succession of such downpours to any given area, someone inevitably ends up in the basement with a squeegee in one hand and a mop in the other.

I’ve included a shot of one low spot in my front yard which very quickly becomes a pond whenever summer rains fall hard enough and long enough.

Welcome to summer in Minnesota.

May all your days off be sunny days.