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Souper Soup Will Be Served Before the Souper Bowl


One local workplace will host their first annual Souper Bowl cookoff this week.

The winner will receive the painstakingly designed plaque pictured here.  Who wouldn’t want to proudly display this testament to culinary prowess on their kitchen wall?

Perhaps some entrants will choose to whip up some soup which reflects the tastes of Kansas City or San Francisco.  Our not so extensive research indicates that the most popular soup in Kansas City is K.C. Steak Soup.  San Franciscans love their San Francisco Seafood Stew. (Perhaps with a little Rice-A-Roni on the side.)

There’s no end to the ways that Americans can find to celebrate the culmination of another football season.

Come Sunday, you’ll find me pulling for Kansas City.  They last played in a Super Bowl fifty years ago.  Viking fans of a requisite age all remember that sad Sunday.

The 49ers had yet to play in a Super Bowl when the Vikings made their fourth and final appearance in 1977.  San Francisco have since played in six Super Bowls and they won five of those.

There’s nothing like some good hot soup to soothe the soul of a Minnesota fan who’s about ready to sit down and watch yet another team raise the trophy which continues to elude the boys in purple.