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Stephen Colbert grills Taylor Swift if “Hey Stephen” is about him

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Stephen Colbert has been left believing for 13 years that Taylor Swift‘s single “Hey Stephen” is about him and, on Tuesday, finally got his answer.

During The Late Shoe With Stephen Colbert, the show host immediately put Taylor on the hot seat and asked her point blank, “You recently recorded Fearless (Taylor’s Version) so I’ve got to ask, is the song ‘Hey Stephen’ about me?”

Colbert referenced the original Fearless album, of which Taylor sent him a signed copy in 2008 where she claimed she was a “big fan.”

Taylor denied the claim all while giving super specific facts about the late night host — such as his exact age when Fearless was released — declaring anyone “who frequently checks your wikipedia page” would have the same knowledge.

“It’s just the power of music, Stephen. Good songs just make it feel it’s about you,” added the 31-year-old before whipping out her old mood board she used “to get me back in the same head space” when re-recording “Hey Stephen.”

The mood board was filled with cutout pictures of Colbert, which caused the late night host to keep squeezing Taylor to admit “Hey Stephen” was about him.

Said the Emmy-winning host, “Well, you seem to know a suspicious amount about me and that song is about a guy named Stephen spelled with a ‘ph’ the way I spell it, so if it isn’t about me who’s it about?”

That wore the “willow” singer down and she confessed, “I never revealed this to anyone before but… ‘Hey Stephen’ is about Stephen King.”

Taylor jokingly gushed about King’s transformative works that “changed my life” before ending the interview to take a call from the Master of Horror himself.

Before leaving, she joked that “Shake It Off” was about Colbert.

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