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Story Of Paying It Forward At Brainerd DQ Goes Viral


If you went through the Brainerd Dairy Queen drive-thru late last week, there’s a good chance you were part of a national story and didn’t even know it.

Starting on Thursday, December 3rd, the Brainerd DQ had more than 900 cars take part in a “pay it forward” initiative that went on for two and a half days. The story caught on quickly and even caught the eye of national news.

CNN wrote a story recently that included an interview with store manager Tina Jensen talking to Anderson Cooper (LINK).

In her interview, Jenson talked about how these things usually fizzle out after 15-20 cars but this one kept going. Over $10,000 in sales was recored during the string of cars. Jensen mentioned during her interview that someone even called into the store and donated $80 to keep the string going.