Ken & Tess

Student Driver At The Wheel


My job is to observe from the backseat….and to keep my mouth shut.

Brigid (at the wheel) is the daughter of Sandy and Sandy is the woman I love.  We’ll share more on that front at a later time,  For now…..back to the backseat.

I am relegated to the backseat because my driving tips tend to be offered up in a manner best described as too direct but also definable as critical if not downright cranky.  Did someone say crotchety? Brigid’s mother is much more encouraging and much calmer.  Therefore, she occupies the front passenger seat as our driver in training takes us for a spin. It’s a good arrangement.

I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride….while biting my lip and trying to resist the temptation to use body language to indicate my suggestions. Hey, whatever it takes to ensure that this aspiring driver will soon be a licensed driver.

“Do you think we could turn the Twins game on the radio?  No?  Too distracting?  Ok.  I’ll just be back here…….in the backseat…..should anyone need me.”