Ken & Tess

Take My Coat To The Ballgame


Here’s a shot of my friend Noelle and her husband Jesse at the June 12 Twin’s game.  Ahhh, the Twins lost 9-6 to Seattle.

Noelle is wearing my Twins jacket which I acquired back in the 1980s. She informed me that she was heading down to Target Field but was lacking any Twins wear. I handed over my jacket together with one of my Twins shirts. She brought back ballpark peanuts and sun flower seeds for me.

By the way, Noelle and Jesse were seated just 3 or 4 rows behind home plate. Great chairs for a great couple. My question is: Who do they know in order to enjoy such primo seats?  And, would they please introduce me to whomever that is? Noelle is a stellar announcer on our sister station, 107.5 The Power Loon.

Go Twins.