Ken & Tess

Teen Stopped In Minnesota For Going Over 90 MPH While FaceTiming


An 18-year-old girl was stopped on her way to Mankato for excessive speeding and was on FaceTime while doing it.

A scary situation all around. I get nervous when I get on 371 and someone passes me going 70 MPH. Now imagine a teenager going 90+ while also FaceTiming her friend. Yikes. Then to add to it, this girl is STILL on the video chat while the trooper walks up to her after pulling her over? I can’t decide if that’s overly cocky or insanely stupid. Probably both.

Please be safe on the roads. Keep the phone down, I bet the text can wait. It’s also a good reminder that a new ‘Hands-free cell phone’ bill will most likely become law within a few days.