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Tell Us About Your Favorite Teacher


We all had a favorite teacher. For those of us that have been through our high school and college years, we probably remember several of our favorite teachers and professors. They were the ones that made the subject matter interesting. They engaged the entire class. They challenged us. They were fair, and yet firm when necessary. Some inspired us to strive for excellence and always persevere. They were mentors, just by being who they were.

That’s why we want to honor our area educators. WJJY and Cub Foods have come together to present the “Teacher of the Week” salute. We invite you and your children to tell us about your favorite teacher (LINK). Then just nominate your favorite teacher. Tell us why you think they are special. Every Friday through the school year, we will choose a teacher from all the nominees and they will receive a $50 gift card from Cub Foods.

This is a challenging time to be an educator. Let’s show them how much we appreciate their important work. Nominate your favorite teacher today.