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The Baxter Cafe Serves Up Free Kids Lunches On Weekends


Kevin and Marilyn Stumpf at The Baxter Cafe will provide free weekend lunches to area children while schools remain closed.

The Baxter Cafe staff have teamed up with The Raboin And Francis Law Firm, Pan-O-Gold Bakery and Hubbard Radio to make this happen.

Here’s how it works–

Parents are invited to call the Baxter Cafe between 8:00 and 10:30 on Saturday and Sunday mornings to reserve their children’s lunches. Lunches can then be picked up between 11:30 and 12:30. Lunches will consist of a sandwich together with fruit and veggies and a treat. John Raboin of Raboin and Francis will be helping to answer phones and assisting with general organization and The Pan-o-Gold bakery will supply all the buns.

It’s all about local folks helping local folks during a trying time.  And, it’s a great way to ensure that area children will be well nourished through the weekend.

If you’d like to volunteer some of your time to this effort, please contact The Baxter Cafe.

Thanks Kevin and Marilyn. Thanks John.  Thanks Pan-O-Gold.