Ken & Tess

The Christmas Tree CATastrophe


There will be no skirt under our Christmas tree.

There was a skirt under the tree…………until the dog made a rather malodorous discovery. Our suspicions were raised when Mickey the Corgi  started sniffing around the base of the tree.  The nose knows. We investigated. Yes, someone had taken a pee under our tree. And, for good measure, they left some poop under the pine.

The primary and only suspect is pictured here.

Her name is Mittens.  She’s normally good about confining her business to the two litter boxes which she has to choose from.  Not this Christmas. We removed the skirt from under the tree and that seems to have solved the problem. No more little Yule logs. However, there will be no presents left under our tree until Christmas Eve.

Why tempt feline fate with more available targets?

To define this as CATastrophic would be to overstate the issue.  It’s just another sCATalogical episode in the life of a pet owner.