Ken & Tess

The Mighty Dragonfly Of Minnesota

Barry Dragonfly

The dragonfly flies with the greatest of ease.

Their movements are graceful as they hover and glide. Their prowess as hunters cannot be denied.

Sandra Ehrich of Baxter took this great picture of a Minnesota dragonfly resting on a lily leaf on the shores of White Sand Lake. Check out those eyes and those intricately patterned and translucent wings.

Just remember, my fellow Minnesotans.  The Minnesota dragonfly savors the flavors of the Minnesota mosquito.  “Eat all you want!!”

They are the B-29s of the insect world and these mighty fliers have been known to reach speeds of 30 inches per second.

Worldwide, there are over 5000 varieties of Dragonflies and 140 are native to Minnesota. They belong to the class insecta and the order of odonata otherwise known as “the toothed ones”.

Their life cycle runs from 4 to 6 months.

I’ve also included a picture of the mighty dragonfly hunter otherwise known as Mickey, the Corgi.  Mickey will spend hours of a sunny summer day running  through our backyard with his head up in efforts to snap dragonflies from the air.  He rarely succeeds.  “Hey, it’s good exercise.”

Here’s to the mighty dragonfly!!  Anyone or anything which consumes mosquitoes is a welcome sight in Minnesota.