Ken & Tess

The Mighty Oak Hangs On To Those Leaves


Leaf removal is a two season project in my yard because we have plenty of oak trees.

We get as much done as possible in the fall and then start again in the spring when those oaks finally give up the rest of them.

I called Shaun Malady, a certified arborist at Mike’s Tree Company.

He informs me that “the red oak” is the most prevalent species that populate this area although there are a fair number of bur oak as well.  The red oak leaf has a more pointed lobe to the leaf while the bur oak leaves are more rounded.  And yes, they are notorious for clinging to their leaves after most trees have shed their yearly adornment.

And, what about those acorns, Mr Malady?

We’ve raked up several wheelbarrow loads of nuts this year.  We were thinking that we’ve never seen so many.  It’s nuts!!

Shaun confirmed that some years are much nuttier than others.  It’s a cyclical variable.  This year, the oak, at least on my property, were particularly fertile. They are on a mission to propagate their species. We love our oak trees but they do demand a bit of extra work.

The folks at Mike’s Tree Company are a knowledgeable bunch when it comes to trees and if you have questions or concerns, I’d recommend that you give them a call or check out their website: