Ken & Tess

The New Viral Trend Is Throwing Cheese On Kids?

Photo by from Pexels

The latest trend to go viral involves throwing a piece of sliced cheese onto your baby.  No, not onto their cute little tummy, or into their hand POSSIBLY teaching them to play catch, but onto the unsuspecting little one’s face.

I HEARD about the trend first and I admit, I giggled a little because it sounded kind of cute – however ridiculous.  So, then I watched the video thinking I’d see one thing…nope.  I didn’t know it was throwing it onto their faces.  I don’t think it’s that cute or funny.   Maybe I am getting old or maybe I don’t think showing kids (or anyone) it’s okay to throw food onto another person’s face… but either way, keep your cheese in your hoagie, people.  You look crazy throwing cheese on your baby.