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The Old Waterfall In Brainerd Has Fallen. What’s Going To Happen Next?


I don’t know much about the history of The Old Waterfall Bar & Restaurant in Brainerd, and because I live quite far away from it, it was rare that I went there.

However I did attend one wedding, 2 wedding receptions, one bingo night and a couple random “stops on our way north” after a day in Brainerd to see a friend who was a bartender there. I liked the place!  The food was good, the service was great and that old waterfall in the back was SO COOL.

I saw a friend had posted that she remembered when it was called The Charcoal Flame, but that is all I know. No, I know one more thing:  I think it looks so sad laying there in partial rubble.  I wish I knew the future plans for the property. Before The Old Waterfall “fell” earlier this fall, I had wondered if someone was going to come in and save its life! I tried to investigate, but found nothing.  Anyway, I am just hoping something is done soon. I know so many people have very fond and lasting memories of the place – and I feel bad it is looking like this right now (10/10/19).

R.I.P. Old Waterfall.