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The Road Less Traveled….At Least This Summer


I live on Memorywood Drive of Baxter and this summer our road is a construction zone.

I know, I know—cry me a river.

That narrow window of oppurtunity which we know as summer is when these things must be done. And so, it will be done.  Memorywood is being repaved.

Memorywood runs along the west shore of White Sand Lake between Clearwater Road to the north and highway 210 to the south. All in all, it’s about a mile and a half run. Streets running west off of Memorywood serve as feeders to some of Baxter’s more recently developed neighborhoods.  Those roads are serving as detour routes as the project progresses.

We often hear the question asked. “Can you believe all the road construction going on?”  It’s a question posed by Minnesotans as often as: “How about this weather? or: “How about those Twins?” We grouse and grumble a bit, but it’s something we’ve come to expect each and every summer.

This too shall pass. This too shall come to an end. And, when it’s done, we’ll have a much smoother road to ride.