Ken & Tess

The Twins Will Play On Into October


My thanks to pumpkin artist, Brigid Bonde, for creating our celebratory image of October baseball.

On Wednesday night, September 25th, the Twins clinched the central division title. They did it with a win over Ron Gardenhire and his Detroit Tigers while Cleveland lost in Chicago.

The Twins haven’t played their way into October since 2010 when ‘Gardy” was their skipper. It was their first season in Target Field and they won their sixth division title in nine years. “Joe” hit .327 in 2010 and we lost Justin Morneau for the rest of the campaign when he suffered a concussion in early July.

We all know that our Twins will be underdogs when we play the likes of the NY Yankees or the Houston Astros in this years postseason.

But hey….lets play ball and see what happens.

Ya just gotta love baseball in October!!