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The Weeknd teases he composed music for the new ‘Avatar’ movie

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First Rihanna sent shockwaves when it was announced she created two new tracks for the recently released movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The Weeknd is now doing the same by teasing he created music for the forthcoming Avatar sequel.

The hitmaker took to Twitter to tease a 12-second clip of what appears to be a dramatic new melody. It was accompanied by a graphic of the letter “A” that was animated to look like moving water with a bird in its center. The Weeknd cryptically captioned the post “12.16.22” — the day Avatar: The Way of Water premieres in theaters.

Then the official Twitter account for the Avatar movie retweeted the post and captioned it with #AvatarTheWayOfWater and added “[with] @theweeknd.”

If that wasn’t enough confirmation for fans, film producer Jon Landau shouted out The Weeknd on Twitter. He shared a photo of the two posing together and wrote, “As the Na’vi say, ‘Zola’u nìprrte’ soaiane Avatar’… Welcome to the Avatar family.”

Landau co-produced the new Avatar film alongside director James Cameron, just as they did for the first movie, which came out in 2009. Landau will also co-produce the third Avatar film, set to be released in 2024.

A title for The Weeknd’s musical contribution has not been announced.

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