Ken & Tess

This Photo Of People Trying To Get To Sweet Martha’s Cookies At The Minnesota State Fair Is Insane

Photo Credit: Minnesota State Fair

The Big Minnesota Get Together is the signal that summer is ending and that you better get in line for some Sweet Martha’s Cookies.

According to the Star Tribune, Sweet Martha’s Cookies brought in $4 million dollars during the 12 days of the 2016 Minnesota State Fair, to give you an idea of how popular the cookies are.

If that doesn’t blow your mind, maybe a visual will help? Here is a photo that is going viral across social media of Sweet Martha’s Cookies during one of the nights of the State Fair.

That looks like a picture of a bunch of people trying to get then last cookies on this planet, and it’s only the first Saturday night of the fair. 

Now I really want someone to deliver a bucket of that doughy gold.