Ken & Tess

“Tis The Season” For Christmas Barn Quilts


Sandra Ehrich has been spending much of her spare time creating new “barn quilts” for the holiday season.

We’ll use these paintings to “deck the outdoors” as we roll through the days of December.

Sandy has created a nifty little work space in the basement where all “the magic” happens.

It’s a three step process.  First, she draws out her designs on 2 by 2 foot boards.  This is accomplished by using a “barn quilt ruler”. Then, she decides upon her color scheme.  She has dozens and dozens of sample size jars of paint to choose from and occasionally she does her own mixing to come up with the shade she’s looking for. Finally, it’s time to paint between the lines.  I call it tedious.  She calls it fun.


The quilts are prepared for the outdoors by spraying them with a clear sealant.

We display the finished products by attaching them to free standing metal fence stakes or by strapping them to our cedar landscape posts.  We illuminate them with small spotlights.

Yes, we do string up plenty of Christmas lights.  However, we don’t try to “out-Griswold” the neighbors with a dazzling and blinding display of twinkle and glow. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Sandy’s “quilts” simply provide a somewhat different effect to our outdoor holiday decor.