Ken & Tess

Turkeys Lurk Off County Road 48


These turkeys were roaming around the In-Fisherman property when I stopped by on Tuesday, November 12th.

In-Fisherman is situated on the Mississippi and off county road 48 on Brainerd/Baxter’s south side.  These birds are frequent visitors to properties all along the river between the 371 bypass and Brainerd’s water treatment plant.  County road 48 drivers are well advised to keep an eye out for these sizable gobblers.  We might not know why the chicken crossed the road but we do know that these gobblers don’t always think before they cross.

So is this “a flock” of turkeys?  Apparently not.

A group such as this is correctly referred to as “a rafter” of turkeys. (I had to look that up.)  Many fans of these fair feathered friends prefer to refer to such a gathering as “a gobble” of turkeys.  “Gobble” works for me.

It’s almost “turkey time” at the Thanksgiving table.  In the meantime, this “gobble” will continue to keep each other company while foraging through the county road 48 neighborhood.  They too are preparing for the change of seasons.