Ken & Tess

Two Gals And I Visited Five Guys

Five Guys

We stopped in to Baxter’s new Five Guys for some burgers and fries.

It was a Sunday evening and the place was packed.

The burger was juicy and tasty and they were more than generous with the fries.  I was also impressed with the number of employees that were on hand to handle the suppertime crowd.  It seemed to be a very efficiently run operation.

The first Five Guys was opened in Arlington County, Virginia well over 30 years ago. Their initial growth occurred in the area of our nations capitol and from there,  Five Guys began to pop up throughout the northeast.  Today, you’ll find them from coast to coast and throughout Europe.

I’m actually more of a hot dog fan than a burger guy.  Well, Five Guys also specialize in hot dogs.  We’ll give those a try the next time that Sandy, Brigid and I swing in to Five Guys.