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UPDATE: University Of Minnesota Student Missing In India Has Been Found Safe


UPDATE (Friday 4:40 pm): According to the ‘Help us find Elizabeth Mann’ Facebook page, Mann has been found and is SAFE.[0]=68.ARBBBE-tuQGLFb07x_cSvicDJXPIqdKMUQo9JrtRZ1sfRfLQXlgpuk6243UVbrMzaz3HKXT5SHmN4FdsWn2JtmZQ0nIz8NUrOD7BxJp-Kn6j-vWU4dIFt7_WXGXXHrN-zOLgzV4j_5LMK9w2b424MvplOtpbBxXgCESGYtQc5ZUua7OgzVh72vjFI-25-fVAiOwec4coSt9Yl3MRmvRumoWmFclrj_ZIFOYtoXq0rSfj0eohYCUVyiL3b8rVdf2G0kS6E2dPoeEl8xogREZkAubQ9kAftM0dsUnHduEhAj5JhgceFVdog1aihh0SP1phGieISWaT-wz0tXMx38s&__tn__=-R


ORIGINAL STORY: A University of Minnesota student, while on a trip to India for a Yoga retreat, has been reported missing after not boarding a flight she was scheduled to take home on November 7th, 2019.

According to a “Help Us Find Elizabeth Mann,” Facebook post, Elizabeth Mann of Hastings, who attends the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities, had been traveling alone and was last seen on Nov. 7 at 5:00 a.m. in Aujuna, Goa India.  The post says authorities are looking for a man who reportedly has been targeting her.  They don’t know if he is involved, if she is with him or if she is by herself.

Elizabeth is described as having blond air, blue eyes, she is 5’11, and weighs about 135 lbs.  She has a nose ring, a flower tattoo under her right arm, a globe tattoo on her ankle and snake or serpent on her leg.

The post on Facebook asks that if you have any information or have heard from Elizabeth on or after November 7th, 2019, to PLEASE leave a message that Facebook page or send an email to

Prayers for a safe return, Elizabeth.[0]=68.ARBs0uABtI-6aNqUiFdqEuU1uLe5nbxy_O7_bavVT513L9ExQ270kQnN4jPJIVOswFOOsa2PQ9v75xG3900FP_lCVuVpY7DB2g0R0GvQeCOJLJrQk_WIrLeFv5hRwvdMKcls7nMtHJxKoCLy90tTLTtTu8PiinM1GOEAjkxWaRQBNrf8CO8qfwIa9cJlj2O9A4-WCa-bk72dtBQbF55DUpOYQ0tnFjpcT6R49cqxNKHLCBx3qI9reI0Ruk2slVsHBNPPZaR1LgH9mHROsFGLT2YCueNkXktXtPQhWsSp2oqTYK8eL0p9_t-9anmCxAARvDDDopbdtpiYsuKqfLdZKcg&__tn__=-R