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Watch Josh Groban sing for three minutes about his overwhelming love of….beans?

Courtesy Bush’s® Beans

We get it: Josh Groban doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he’s always down to do some comedy. But still, his latest project just may be the strangest thing he’s ever done.

Bush’s Beans decided that their product needed a better theme song than the one we all know about “the musical fruit” — yeah, that one.  So they asked Josh to help them come up with a new one, and for some inexplicable reason, he was happy to oblige.

The result: A three-minute power ballad in which Josh reminisces about growing up and being bullied for his love of beans. He then rhapsodizes about all the things you can do with them. In the music video, he plays himself as a high-schooler, shreds on a bean-themed guitar, and even ropes in his actual dad for a cameo appearance. It’s hilarious.

“Here’s to beans!” Josh sings. “I’m gonna bake a bean ballad the world won’t soon forget/More precious than a diamond and more cherished than gold/next time propose with a bean/‘cause fortune favors the bold/For a schmancy affair or dad’s barbecue grillin’/Or outta the can like a cowboy villain/Here’s to beans…beautiful beans!”

“When Bush’s approached me with the idea to do something fun and musical, my first thought was how wonderfully weird it was,” Josh says in a statement. “But I like the unexpected. And I love beans.”

On Twitter, Josh wrote, “It’s finally here and it has everything. The magic of beans, romance, whimsy, my father!...This was too much fun. Please enjoy!”

As part of this new campaign, which includes a new look, website and logo for the product, Bush’s is also donating 250,000 cans of Bush’s Beans to Feeding America.

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