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Watch Lady Gaga’s Dom Pérignon commercial

Courtesy Dom Pérignon

Lady Gaga went all out for the one-minute film that marks her partnership with the Champagne brand Don Pérignon.

Set to what seems to be a remix of Gaga’s Chromatica song “Free Woman,” the clip features Gaga in a variety of over-the-top fabulous outfits, hairstyles and headdresses, and a nail set so long she could serve shish kebab on them.

One Gaga incarnation gazes into a crystal ball, where a smaller Gaga is walking through various kaleidoscopic settings of different colors.  She’s shown holding a massive bottle of the brand’s rosé Champagne, as well as a glass of it; in one scene, she’s surrounded by laughing party guests also holding glasses of rosé.  Angular shadows of people flicker on the wall, and they’re holding glasses too.

At the end, we’re back to Gaga looking into a crystal ball, except it’s morphed into a bottle of Dom, and the spot ends with the slogan “Creative Freedom Is Power.”

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