We Had Visitors At WJJY


On Wednesday evening, September 11th, the Media Explorers from Brainerd High School stopped by our studios for an inside look at our broadcast operation.  (Pictured above are some of the students together with Pete Mohs–publisher of The Brainerd Daily Dispatch and Media Explorers Advisor together with Scout leader Ken Toole.)

Media Explorers is an offshoot of the Boy Scouts Of America and affords students who may have an interest in pursuing careers in media a chance to get an inside look at newspaper operations and radio and television stations.

We gave them the grand tour and did our best to supply some perspective on what it takes to make radio a viable choice for listeners in this day and age of multi-media consumer choices.

My hope is that some of these students may find radio intriguing enough to possibly make it their career choice.  We need young blood to compliment those of us that are getting a little long in the tooth.  (Between Ken and Tess in the morning, Linda at mid-day, Al at night and your’s truly in the afternoon–we have a combined service time of  close to 120 years on WJJY.)