Ken & Tess

Well, Twins Fans, It’s This Far And No Farther


Yes Twin’s fans, we’ve seen this movie before.

Those blankety-blank Yanks have left us in their wake again.  They played great baseball.  We did not.

Into that wintry space of time we know as the off-season we go.  And the mantra will remain the same.  “We need pitching! We need pitching!” There isn’t a team out there that wouldn’t like to improve their pitching staff. Although, some are much more pitcher rich than others and some are seemingly more willing than others to make pitchers rich.  Twin’s pitching was compromised at just the wrong time. Gibson’s ailments and the Pineda suspension did nothing to improve our playoff prospects.

There’s no doubt about it.  It was a fun and thrilling baseball season.  The Twins go from 78 to 101 wins from one season to the next. They led baseball’s “bomba” parade.  That young core of players have all seemed to gel at once. We’re still looking forward to what young Mr Buxton can achieve if he can stay healthy through the course of a season.

The window of opportunity is still open for this ball club.  They need to tweak some things (including pitching) and they need to hang on to the core of this club. That, of course, requires a willingness to spend.

We shall see.

First comes winter.