Ken & Tess

What Are The Best Places In The Brainerd Lakes Area For A Date?


Tiquets, which is an on-line platform for tickets to museums and attractions, commissioned what they called “The Perfect Date Survey” to see what people are looking for in a date. More than 4,000 people in the US and the UK participated in the survey.

Going out to dinner remains a popular choice for Valentine Day, but the survey also asked about favorite places to go on a daytime date, and they asked respondents to name their favorite place to propose.

Here are the results:


1) Walk in a park or botanical garden

2) Going to the Zoo

3) A river or canal cruise

4) A modern culture attraction e.g. Empire State Building or Warner Bros studio tour

5) Historical attraction e.g. Independence Hall

6) Amusement or water park

7) Boat ride

8) Visiting a castle or palace

9) Aquarium

10) Art/Music museum

This survey make me wonder about the best places in the lakes area for a daytime date, or for that matter, what are the best places in the lakes area for a date?

Let us know what you think.