Ken & Tess

What Happened To My Baby?

20190828 171623

Well, she’s off… TO FIRST GRADE!  What happened to my baby?  When did she turn 6?  Where has the time gone?

 My daughter Lola started first grade this week and I still cannot believe it!  I still have fond memories of my OWN first grade experience at Chester Park Elementary School in Duluth with Mrs. Davern.   Chester Park Elementary is no more – the building still stands, but it’s now property of the University of Minnesota – Duluth.  But the memories will last.

I hope they do for my “baby”… I was warned this would happen – that time would fly by.  And they were right.  I am going to take her growing up “day by day” and enjoy every day!  Because NOW ‘they’ tell me…”Oh just WAIT until she’s a teenager!!”   I can wait.  No problem.  Happy Back To School, everyone!