Ken & Tess

What Happened To The Cheddar Cheese At Subway?

subway bar no cheese

I am having a tough time with this one, folks.  No cheddar cheese at Subway?  Say WHAT?!

Let me set this up for you.

A few months ago, I went into Subway in Nisswa.  I wanted “my usual” oven roasted chicken breast with cheddar on flatbread, toasted.  At that time, Subway was featuring a brisket-style sandwich, which was served with SMOKED cheddar.  NOT a fan of smoked cheddar.   So I asked to make sure that I did NOT get the smoked cheddar, but just the regular cheddar, to which the ‘Sandwich Artist’ said, “I am sorry.  We only have smoked cheddar.”  Okaaaay.  So I said, “are you just out of regular?”  “No, we just don’t have it right now.”  I went for it… “slap it on, I’ll try it.”  (bad move…smoked yuck).  I asked when the regular cheddar would return, the artist said she didn’t know.

Fast forward to last week.  I went to the Subway in Breezy Point and asked for my oven-roasted chicken breast with cheddar on a wrap this time.  The conversation with the Sandwich Artist went like this:

SA:  I’m sorry, Tess, we don’t have cheddar slices anymore.
Me:  WHAT?  Are you serious?
SA:  Yeah, we know.  There is some cheddar in the SHREDDED cheese mix if you’d like that.
Me:  No thank you, it’s not the same.  (it’s NOT!)
SA:  Yeah, we know that too.  Sorry.  We still have American, Provolone, Pepper Ja…
Me: I’ll take that American, I guess.  So, what is the deal with that?
SA:  Corporate decided to mainstream the menu a little and they say that cheddar is the cheese that sells the least, so to cut costs, they pulled it.
Me:  That is just dumb.  CHEDDAR?  They pulled CHEDDAR?   I don’t get it.
SA:  Most of us in the plains states don’t either.  What’s worse, is that people get mad at US (the workers) and get upset at us like it’s OUR fault.
Me:  That’s dumb, too, and I am sorry you have to put up with that. I hope you know that I am not mad, I am just bummed…and kind-of shocked.
SA:  We have this conversation so many times a day.  Let’s hope they bring it back.  We are letting them know what a stink it’s causing, so maybe….
Me:  Well, I hope they bring it back too, for our sake and yours!

First of all, don’t blame the Artists.  That made me sad.  Over cheddar cheese.  Yes, we cheddar-lovers are bummed but it’s not their fault.  Remember that.

This made me wonder if our friends down south would rise-up if they pulled Pepper Jack cheese or the jalapenos from the mix.  We northern folk like our mild cheddar, it’s who we are.  And really, isn’t everything is better with cheddar?  I like to think so.  Subway… PLEASE BRING CHEDDAR CHEESE BACK.