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What Is In The Woods In Breezy Point?


As I was driving to work this Monday morning – at about 4:30 a.m., I was taking the dark, woods-up-to-the-road back roads from Breezy Point down toward Nisswa, and as I was about to turn a corner, I saw something white “floating” back and forth.

At least it appeared from the dim side light of my car as something was floating.

First, I thought I was losing it…but as I turned the corner.

I could better see that it was an animal of some sort with a white gas station coffee cup over its face!  The poor thing couldn’t see, but was wandering around aimlessly and I wanted so badly to help it!  But what was I supposed to do?  I was not going to call the police, because by the time anyone got there, he would have been gone, as he (or she) had found the wood line and disappeared into the woods.  Do I call the DNR?  I admit, for a moment I giggled and said to myself, “now even the wildlife is wearing masks.”  BUT, mostly, it was really sad.   Then, as I drove away with my heart in my throat, I got mad.  Mad at people who litter.  THIS is why you don’t throw stuff out your window on the back roads – OR ANY ROAD.  I am praying that some bear knocked over a garbage can and this little guy (or gal) came behind it and got into someone’s legit garbage, but I am guessing that is not the case.  Anyway, don’t litter.  I will pray this little critter was able to get the cup off its own face.  We know masks aren’t comfortable… can you imagine?